About us
Our Mission
Our mission is to continuously drive technology and product innovation to provide global cross-border travelers with eSIM-based product solutions and services, allowing users to stay online at all times and travel worry-free.
Our Services
We adhere to the customer-first philosophy, providing high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.
Our logistics system covers over 70 countries and regions worldwide.
Our customer service team offers 7*24 hours professional service.
Our Story
5ber.esim is an innovative product of iFREE GROUP.
iFREE GROUP is a leading multinational technology company that has long been deeply engaged in the fields of telecom, IoT, and smart city.
  • 2017, MOGO SIM/softSIM
  • 2018, MOGO eSIM
  • 2019, MOGO T1/S1
  • 2020, MOGO S2
  • 2021, MOGO 5G SIM
  • 2022, MOGO IOT Solution
  • 2023, 5ber.eSIM
Currently, we have established close partnerships with multiple global telecommunications operators and partners to provide travelers with discounted data plans and customized travel services.
As a company that provides travel solutions, iFREE GROUP is committed to ensuring that travelers can stay connected and have a worry-free journey no matter where they are through a range of solutions.
Our Team
With years of deep cultivation in the field of mobile communications, our professional team is determined to forge ahead, dedicated to innovating mobile communication technology, driving industry development, and creating a better future together.
We possess:
  • Seasoned Experts: With years of experience in the communication field and deep professional knowledge, our experts lead the team to overcome challenges.
  • Innovative Thinking: We are fearless in exploring the unknown, daring to break from tradition, and driving technological development through innovation.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Through teamwork and complementary strengths, we leverage collective wisdom to achieve outstanding results.
  • Craftsmanship Quality: We strive for excellence, pursue high quality, and are committed to creating top-notch mobile communication solutions.
We focus on:
  • Cutting-edge technology research and development: Keeping up with industry trends, dedicating ourselves to research, and developing leading mobile communication technologies.
  • Building high-quality products: User-oriented, providing high-quality products and services to meet diverse needs.
  • Driving industry development: Actively participating in industry standard setting, promoting technological innovation application, and supporting industry development.
We look forward to:
  • Joining hands with like-minded partners to jointly promote the advancement of mobile communication technology and create a better future for communication.
  • Providing users with more convenient, efficient, and secure communication experiences, enhancing quality of life, and contributing to social development.
Copyright © iFREE GROUP Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright © iFREE GROUP Inc. All rights reserved.